May 2019 Newsletter


April 2019 Newsletter

TOXIC WORK ENVIRONMENTS What they are and what can be done about it.

March 2019 Newsletter

ANXIETY Get a brief overview of what it means to have an anxiety disorder rather than simply being anxious over a deadline or event.

February 2019 Newsletter

RELAPSE Learn why relapse while fighting a substance misuse disorder is often an expected and natural consequence of addiction.

January 2019 Newsletter

IMPOSTER SYNDROME Expecting perfection is the enemy of lawyer well-being.

December 2018 Newsletter

BURNOUT What is it? What can be done about it short of quitting your job?

November 2018 Newsletter

SEASONAL AFFECTIVE DISORDER (SAD) Depressive Disorder and SAD are not the same thing. Learn the differences.

October 2018 Newsletter

ABA WELL-BEING TOOL KIT A how-to guide to structuring your workplace to be healthier and more productive.

September 2018 Newsletter

LAWYER WELLNESS Learn why it is essential to the successful and productive practice of law.

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