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Executive Director

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Jill O'Neill

Jill O'Neill is a mental health professional with over 19 years of experience serving individuals and families seeking recovery services from mental health conditions, substance use disorders, and other co-occurring disorders. Her background includes training in Trauma-Informed Care and Practice, Motivational Interviewing, Illness Management and Recovery, The Zero Suicide Model, Integrated Dual Disorders Treatment, and various other evidenced-based practices. 
Jill began at Greater Nashua Mental Health as a developing mental health professional and progressed to Associate Director of Adult Services, the largest department within the organization, responsible for implementing programs and staff supervision. Jill is the Co-Facilitator of the New Hampshire Justice-Involved Veteran Task Force. She assisted in developing the "Veterans Behavioral Health Track," a program aimed to divert justice-involved veterans experiencing service-related injuries into treatment as an alternative to traditional sentencing. Jill accepted an invitation to testify on Capitol Hill to share New Hampshire's model of serving justice-involved veterans. 
One of her many career highlights includes her role as the Community Connections/Mental Health Court Liaison and Program Manager. Jill rebuilt the program, adding enhancements for successful diversion and positive client outcomes. As a result of her efforts, Jill was awarded the New Hampshire National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Annual Award for making a substantial difference in the criminal justice system to better support individuals experiencing mental health conditions. Jill was recognized for her expertise and appointed by the New Hampshire Community Behavioral Health Association to serve on the New Hampshire Legislative Commission to create a system of mental health courts across the state.
During her time as the mental health court liaison, Jill gained insights into the cultural aspects of the legal profession and the stressors experienced. Jill's passion and knowledge will enable her to carry out the New Hampshire Lawyer's Assistance Program (NH LAP) commitment to provide 100% confidential assistance to New Hampshire's lawyers, judges, and law students to overcome challenges to engaging successfully in their professional and personal lives. NH LAP believes there is no better way to assure the integrity of the legal profession than to serve its members in the pursuit of well-being and good mental health.