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Judge Articles

Judicial Wellness: The Ups & Downs of Sitting New York Judges

Writen by long time sitting judge of New York City and State courts, Hon. Gerald Lebovitz discusses the need for active judical wellness to sustain those sitting on the bench.  

Secondary or Vicarious Trauma Among Judges and Court Personnel

Taking a look at why judges and court personnel are at high risk for suffering the effects of vacarious trauma and what steps can be taken to both recognize it and to build resilience against it.  

Judges Reveal Stress, Scrutiny They Face In Their Jobs

Discussion about the many sources of judical stress from the Courthouse News Service

Stress Resilience for the Judicial Family

Discussion of the many stressors the come with presiding over a court and the impact that this additional stress has on the family members of judges.

9th Circuit Address Senility Among Federal Judges Head On

Unlike most state courts, federal judges are appointed for life.  When should a federal judge retire?

Even Female Judges Get Harrassed

"Kind of depressing that a woman needs to talk more like a man to be heard.  Even when she is a judge."