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Shaun M. Filiault, PhD, Treasurer, NHLAP Commission

Dr. Filiault is cross-trained and law and psychology. He holds a PhD in health psychology from the University of South Australia and a JD from the University of New Hampshire. He is admitted to the New Hampshire bar and also passed the New York Bar Exam.
Prior to coming to Keene State, Dr. Filiault was a judicial law clerk to the Hon. Judge William G. Young in the U.S District Court for the District of Massachusetts. As a law clerk, Dr. Filiault assisted the Court with federal cases ranging from trademark priority to issues concerning the federal sentencing guidelines.
He was also a American Bar Associaton Steiger Fellow in consumer protection law and won the University of New Hampshire’s Yacos Prize for excellence in corporate law. Dr. Filiault was a law clerk in New Hampshire’s Bureau of Securities Regulation and in the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Civil Rights Unit.
Prior to his career in law, Dr. Filiault was director of bachelor's degree programs in Flinders University's (Australia) School of Education, where he also taught health promotion and health policy.
His research interests in law include securities regulation (especially churning and reverse churning) and human rights law (especially as it pertains to LGBTQIA people). He is also interested in local political engagement.
Dr. Filiault was appointed by the NH Supreme Court to the NHLAP Commission in February 2022 and was subsequently elected as Treasurer in March of 2021.