Sally J. Garhart, MD

Dr. Sally Garhart is board certified in internal medicine, occupational medicine and addiction medicine and is a certified medical review officer. In 2002 she began as medical director of the New Hampshire Professional Health Program, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. She maintains a part-time position assisting NH doctors, physician assistants, veterinarians, pharmacists and dentists with issues that may impair the practice of medicine. In addition, she has an occupational medicine private practice now limited to FAA drug and alcohol monitoring and as a regional medical director for Travelers Insurance. A native of St Louis, Missouri she is a graduate of Mary Institute, Westminster College of Salt Lake City and the University of Missouri Columbia School of Medicine. Since 1986 she has lived in Peterborough, NH where she and her husband, Sandy Eneguess, reared two daughters and continue to farm and entertain grandchildren. Now in her second term on the Lawyers Assistance Program Board she recently attended the 2018 LAP Annual Meeting that focused on many of the same issues that confront healthcare professionals. She is convinced that doctors and lawyers have much in common - workaholism, perfectionism, stress, depression, personal self-sacrifice, alcohol abuse and poor professional boundaries. Dr. Garhart was appointed by the NH Supreme Court to the NHLAP Commission in 2016 and to a second term in 2018.