Welcome to the blog of the New Hampshire Lawyers Assistance Program. The NHLAP provides concrete, confidential advice and assistance to lawyers, judges, law students and families in dealing with alcoholism or addiction, mental health issues and any other personal or professional crises legal professionals might face.

The study and practice of law is challenging, stressful work and unfortunately it is not uncommon for legal professionals to struggle with alcoholism or addiction to prescription or illegal drugs. Lawyers may also suffer from depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorders or financial difficulties, among other issues.

When faced with these difficulties, it is natural to feel embarrassed or concerned about your professional reputation. But it is important, for your sake as well as your clients’, that you seek help. The NHLAP has helped hundreds of lawyers in your situation and it is prepared to help you, at no risk to your personal or professional reputation.

All contact between legal professionals or concerned third parties and the NHLAP is completely confidential, per Supreme Court Rule 58. Furthermore, NHLAP is exempt from reporting professional misconduct, per Rule 8.3. No information will be disclosed except under the express authority of the affected person.

Please do not hesitate to seek help from the NHLAP. Now run by executive director,Terri M. Harrington, Esq., the NHLAP can be reached in the following ways:

(877) 224-6060 (toll free)
Click here for an online intake form

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