NHLAP volunteers help in many different ways and we only ask you to do those things that you are comfortable doing. Volunteer activities can range from convincing another attorney or judge to seek treatment to simply having lunch with a new attorney to talk about issues affecting him or her. Sometimes it will be working with someone who has a severe impairment and other times it will be reaching out to someone in hopes of preventing an impairment issue.

If you are interested in volunteering to help judges, lawyers, and/or law students cope with the issues that impair their daily ethical practice of the profession and the quality of their lives, please open, print, and fill out the NHLAP Volunteer Questionnaire and mail it to:

Terri M. Harrington, Esq.
New Hampshire Lawyers Assistance Program
2 1/2 Beacon St. Suite 163
Concord, NH 03301

The NHLAP Volunteer Questionnaire is CONFIDENTIAL.

Become a NHLAP Monitor

Occasionally, the Supreme Court, the Attorney Discipline Office, the Professional Conduct Commission, the Judicial Conduct Commission, of the Committee on Character and Fitness may refer someone to NHLAP with the understanding he/she will enter into a Monitoring Agreement with NHLAP as part of an Order, Consent Decree or Consent Agreement with the referring entity. The Monitor’s job is to have weekly contact with the monitored attorney, determine (to the extent possible) whether the person has complied with the conditions of the Monitoring Agreement and fill out a monthly report for the NHLAP Executive Director. The Monitor is not a friend or sponsor and is not expected to ensure the person complies with the conditions. The Monitor’s job is simply to determine whether conditions have been met and to file a report accordingly. If the Monitor learns of a breach of any of the conditions, the Monitor is expected to immediately report the breach to the NHLAP Executive Director who will inform the appropriate referring authority.

You have an opportunity to give life to the Supreme Court’s recognition that in some cases a judge, attorney or law student may, with the right support and guidance provided by a NHLAP Monitoring Agreement, recover their career. NHLAP relies on trained volunteers to monitor these agreements, and thereby advance not only the discipline system in our profession, but save lives. We hope you will join us. To apply to become a NHLAP Monitor, follow the procedures for volunteering above.