Due to the sensitive nature of addiction and mental health issues, lawyers, judges or law students who need help, or who want to assist someone else who might need help, are often reluctant to make the call. Recognizing this concern, and in order to foster early and confidential contact, the New Hampshire Supreme Court protects the confidentiality of all contacts between the Lawyers Assistance Program and those who utilize it. All information between NHLAP and anyone who seeks assistance is strictly confidential and will not be disclosed except upon express release by the affected person.

NHLAP was created by Supreme Court Rule 58, which was adopted from the ABA Model Rule for Lawyer Assistance Programs. Rule 58 formalizes the 20-year volunteer efforts of the Lawyers Assistance Committee of the NH Bar, and Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers, a  self-help group for NH lawyers, and protects their work with a guarantee of confidentiality.

To review the confidentiality provisions, please see New Hampshire Supreme Court Rules 58.858.9, 37 (1)(e), and New Hampshire Rules of Professional Conduct, Rule 8.3.

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